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Jyotica Tangri gets a Golden Visa in UAE; says “I plan to collaborate with international artists from diverse backgrounds”

Indian singer Jyotica Tangri recently shared her excitement about receiving the prestigious Golden Visa from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), emphasizing the vast array of opportunities it presents for her career. The Golden Visa, granting residency in a prominent international entertainment and business hub, has ignited her enthusiasm for exploring new avenues in the global music scene.

“The Golden Visa provides me with residency in a prominent international hub for entertainment and business. This can open up opportunities for networking, collaborations, performances, and exposure to a diverse audience, ultimately boosting my visibility and career prospects on a global scale,” she remarked, highlighting the potential for growth and expansion offered by the UAE residency.

Expressing her plans for collaboration with international artists, Jyotica articulated her vision of creating music that transcends cultural boundaries and resonates with audiences worldwide. “I plan to collaborate with international artists from diverse backgrounds, aiming to create unique and compelling music that resonates with global audiences,” she stated, underscoring her commitment to leveraging the global platform provided by the UAE.


Jyotica also outlined her strategy for utilizing her residency in the UAE to enhance her presence in the music industry, emphasizing her intention to perform at renowned events and venues while connecting with industry professionals for broader reach and exposure. “Utilizing my residency in the UAE, I will seek opportunities to perform at renowned events and venues, gaining exposure and building a fanbase from around the world,” Jyotica explained, highlighting her proactive approach to expanding her fan base and networking within the industry.

Furthermore, Tangri stressed the importance of collaborating with artists from diverse cultural backgrounds to enrich her musical repertoire and appeal to a broader audience. “Collaborating with artists from different countries is essential for expanding my musical horizons and reaching diverse audiences,” she affirmed, emphasizing her commitment to infusing various styles, influences, and perspectives into her music to create a richer and more unique sound. With her sights set on global success, Jyotica aims to leave a lasting impact with her music and performances, leveraging the opportunities provided by her UAE Golden Visa to fulfill her artistic aspirations on an international stage.

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