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I was astounded to see “Oppenheimer”: Cillian Murphy, an Oscar winner

<p>Cillian Murphy discusses his long-standing collaboration with Christopher Nolan, his Oscar victory for Oppenheimer, and the reason he doesn’t see his own movies</p>
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<p>Oscar winner Cillian Murphy. What is the sound of that?</p>
<p>It’s bizarre, I chuckle. It really seems unbelievable to me. I’m overwhelmed, humbled, and full of gratitude.</p>
<p>As the first actor of Irish descent to win an Oscar, how does it feel?</p>
<p>I didn’t give it much attention before, but now that I think about it, I am happy to be Irish and to show how Ireland encourages its own talent in this field.</p>
<p>The sixth film you co-directed with Christopher Nolan is Oppenheimer. What is it that you find appealing about him as a filmmaker?</p>
<p>What is there not to enjoy? He is an expert in his field. I like his working relationships with actors and, above all, his recognition of the intelligence of the audience and their want to see sophisticated and engaging narratives on a large screen. In addition to being an amazing visual artist, he is a master storyteller. Having collaborated with him for so long makes me feel fortunate. My life has been transformed by him, and I look forward to doing more things with him.</p>
<p>Before you were given the opportunity to portray J Robert Oppenheimer, how much did you know about him?</p>
<p>Not a lot. I was aware of him, the events of 1945, and his role in bringing this horrific and terrible nuclear weapon to the globe. But I didn’t really know him as a guy.</p>
<p>When the Oscars take place on Sunday, March 10, 2024, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, Cillian Murphy stands in the press room with the trophy for best performance by an actor in a starring role for “Oppenheimer”.<br />
Oscar-winning Cillian Murphy: Ireland’s humble “analogue” prize-winner<br />
When the Oscars take place on Sunday, March 10, 2024, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, Cillian Murphy stands in the press room with the trophy for best performance by an actor in a starring role for “Oppenheimer”.<br />
Cillian Murphy receives his first Oscar for best actor for “Oppenheimer.”<br />
In specifically, how did you write down all those intricate mathematical equations that we see in the movie in order to prepare for your role as this scientific genius?</p>
<p>Well, it required a lot of effort since I’m not a math or scientific whiz. I practiced writing equations like I understood what I was doing for months. When I was able to write one after the other on the blackboard, Chris had the camera aimed directly at my face throughout the sequence, making it impossible for you to see what I was writing. All of it, nevertheless, seemed nearly lovely to me in the manner of hieroglyphics.</p>
<p>How much did the outfit aid in your portrayal of Oppenheimer physically?</p>
<p>Massive. The pipe and the cap, which Oppenheimer purposefully included into his appearance, were truly the beginning of it. In order to comprehend his physicality—the way he stood and moved—I read as much as I could, studied a ton of pictures, and watched any video I could find. I find that to be constantly intriguing.</p>
<p>What possibly shocked you about Oppenheimer the guy, what you learned about him?</p>
<p>a great deal from his youth. Furthermore, I had no idea how talented or endearing he was. Of course, everyone is aware of his achievements in academia and science, but I was unaware of his passion for poetry, music, and other forms of art. He had multilingual abilities. In addition to being intelligent, he was a fascinating guy.</p>
<p>Do you really think it’s awful to see your own films?</p>
<p>Not so much the movies themselves, but more the fact that I am in them (laughs). Honestly, I don’t like to watch myself. I watch the movies that I’m in, and I have to admit that this one really amazed me. It’s amazing. At the conclusion of a filming day, there is no playback because of the way Chris operates, using solely film cameras. Really, there’s no way to see anything until it’s finished. When the trailer for Oppenheimer’s film was released, I watched the first completed scene of the movie. I was really astounded by the encounter. I almost forget it’s me up there on the screen because it’s so amazing.</p>
<p>Is it accurate to say that your audition for the Batman role was your first acting gig for Christopher Nolan?</p>
<p>It is accurate. During a screen test for Batman Begins, I believe I had the opportunity to don Val Kilmer’s Batman outfit, which was customized to fit me perfectly. Naturally, I didn’t understand; Christian Bale did. No animosity (laughter). Fortunately, Chris saw my potential and decided to cast me as Scarecrow. That one occasion, however, I still got to play Batman. Could anybody not want to do that?</p>
<p>You have played a number of gritty, intense, and dark dramatic parts that we have seen. Do you think of doing a comedy at all?</p>
<p>I would adore doing it. Although I have performed comedies on stage, I seldom ever am offered comedies. I have no idea why. Perhaps I will now (laughs)</p>

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