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Adah Sharma SPEAKS OUT on Her ‘Bastar’ Explosive JNU Remark: ‘I Might Not Say It As…’ | Exclusive

<p>Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Sudipto Sen, and Adah Sharma teamed up again on a movie over a year after The Kerala Story. The movie, titled Bastar: The Naxal Story, is said to be based on actual Naxal episodes that occurred in Chhattisgarh. Due to its political overtones, several online users labeled the teaser when it was released as “propaganda.”</p>
<p><img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-502234″ src=”https://www.theindiaprint.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/theindiaprint.com-adah-sharma-speaks-out-on-her-bastar-explosive-jnu-remark-i-might-not-say-it-as-ex.jpg” alt=”theindiaprint.com adah sharma speaks out on her bastar explosive jnu remark i might not say it as” width=”981″ height=”735″ title=”Adah Sharma SPEAKS OUT on Her 'Bastar' Explosive JNU Remark: 'I Might Not Say It As…' | Exclusive 12″></p>
<p>In fact, the movie’s trailer has Adah’s character, Neerja Mathur, an IPS officer, criticizing JNU and saying that liberals, leftists, vampanthi, and pseudo-intellectuals should all be put to death. A lot of people are upset about it. Adah defends the projection of such politically charged talks that resulted in disagreement from a certain sector in an exclusive interview with News18 Showsha.</p>
<p>She says, “I want people to think that I portrayed her in the strongest, most fearless, and most powerful way when I play a tough cop like Neeraj Mathur in Bastar.” In the movie, I want every word I say to be believed. She is expressing her indignation at seeing the 76 Jawans murdered and hacked into bits when she claims that they were slaughtered and that she wants to shoot them down. Though Neerja might explain it better than me, Adah may.</p>
<p>She isn’t, however, ignoring people criticizing the movie for the direction its creators chose. “People will comprehend the film’s message after they’ve seen it. However, as I said even during The Kerala Story, it’s a democracy; viewers have the freedom to decide whether or not to watch a movie and whether or not to leave a comment. Adah adds, “We should also accept individuals who are expressing opinions without having seen the movie since it is their option.</p>
<p>Propaganda and patriotism often cross each other’s boundaries. Bastar, says the 31-year-old, is just a movie that celebrates one’s passion for their country. She says, “It’s about our 76 jawans being butchered,” when you press her more. And in my opinion, it is incorrect. First and foremost, I am a citizen, and I think it is unacceptable for someone to hurt our military forces. A lot of the movies we’ve seen have been under assault from outside forces. However, here, while they weren’t even fighting, citizens of our nation are causing injury to our jawans. Was it indeed the case? It did, indeed. Since that information is freely accessible to anyone, we can all check it.</p>
<p>Speaking of how the Bastar concept of patriotism appeals to her own sensibilities, Adah continues, “Our jawans are the reason we can sit and chat calmly. We ought to all be appreciative of them. I don’t stand with the Naxals because I love my nation, even if they slaughtered their own people. Bastar is, in my opinion, a patriotic movie. I thus stand behind my film.</p>

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